About Us

Optilab is a US-based international firm with headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona. Optilab designs, manufactures, and promotes its brand-name products through engineering, sales, testing and productions teams at its Phoenix facilities. In addition, Optilab is equipped with production and engineering capabilities throughout the Asian Pacific.

Optilab provides innovative and cost-effective laser and photonic solutions to its customer's systems. The Optilab innovative solutions consist of Test & Measurement, RFoF Micro Satellite, Fiber Sensing, HFC / CATV / RFoG, and Pulse Laser.

Optilab owns and operates OEQuest.com, one of the largest web portals in the photonics industry.

Optilab maintains a competitive advantage for a number of reasons.

Customer Base

Customer Base

From many domestic and international customers from various industries, our customers continually use Optilab because of our consistent high quality and cost-effective products.
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